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Newbury Town Council recently asked all of its 500 allotment tenants on the 6 sites in Newbury to complete a survey regarding their allotment.  

Tenants were asked to provide their ideas and suggestions for future considerations and on how their sites could be improved. In addition, tenants were asked to list their top 3 things they enjoy about their allotments.

The response rate for the survey, which was distributed in October was close to 23%.

At the Community Services Committee Meeting, held on Monday 11 December, it was agreed that a dedicated task group will be completing the analysis of the survey, with the results published in the Spring.

Cllr Vaughan Miller, Chair of the Community Services Committee said, “We would like to thank all of the allotment tenants who took the time to complete the survey.  Once the responses have been analysed, the results will be invaluable in deciding improvements that could be made in the future.

We are pleased to see so many positive comments, including how the allotments bring people together, with a great sense of community whilst being able to ‘grow your own’ and know where your food has come from”.


Cllr Vaughan Miller, Chair of Community Services Committee Vaughan.miller@newbury.gov.uk 07810 543425  

Martin Kavanagh, Services Delivery Manager martin.kavanagh@newbury.gov.uk  01635 35486