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Football Pitches


Newbury Town Council currently have two full size football pitches, together with changing room facilities, available to hire at Wash Common and City Recreation Ground.

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Wash Common

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City Recreation Ground

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Hiring a pitch

If you wish to book one of these pitches, we will require a completed application form for your team together with evidence of Public Liability Insurance. Books should be made by telephone on 07538 327633.

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Newbury Town Council Football Pitch Charges

From 1st April 2023 to 31st March 2024

Team Type

Cost per Fixture

Adult Teams (over 18's) £91.80 inc 20% VAT per game (casual booking)
Adult Teams (over 18's) £76.50 per game (regular booking - 10 0r more)
Junior Teams (Under 18's) Free of Charge


Newbury Town Council will invoice all booked matches

All charges are subject to VAT, unless a regular hire booking of 10 games or more is made, with the interval between each booking being at least 1 day and not more than 14 days. Any cancellation by the hirer will invalidate VAT exemption. These rules are compulsory and are set by HM Revenue & Customs.

Regular hire bookings may be paid in instalments (10 games = £765). 25% first payment of £191.25 will be required at time of booking, with the remaining 75% divided into equal amounts of, £191.25 each, due on a monthly basis, over a three-month period. Monthly statements will be sent, giving a period of 7 days to pay the next instalment. If any balance instalment is not paid in time, the entire booking arrangement will revert to casual booking rules and VAT will be retrospectively applied to all fixtures in the booking. Any fixture dates not covered by the remaining balance held on account will be cancelled.