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Civic Awards

Newbury Town Civic Awards 2023

Newbury Town Council introduced the Newbury Town Civic Award in 1997. More recently, the Young Persons Award, the Business Civic Award and the Environmental Contribution Civic Award have run alongside the main Civic Award. The awards highlight the importance of those who make a difference in our community and are presented to those who have made an exceptional voluntary contribution to Newbury and celebrate the achievements of our local community. 

The Newbury Town Civic Award 

This person, or group, does not have to live within Newbury Town; however, their voluntary activities should be predominantly within Newbury Town or benefit the town. 

The Newbury Town Young Persons Civic Award 

This person must be age 25 or under. They don’t have to live in Newbury Town; however, their voluntary activities should be predominantly within Newbury Town or for the benefit of the town. 

The Newbury Town Business Civic Award 

The Town Council wants to acknowledge the contributions made by the many businesses who are giving something back to the community in Newbury. This could be through employees volunteering for local causes, through fundraising or contributions, or by partnering with local charities and organisations. The business does not have to be located within Newbury Town; however, the contribution or volunteering activities should be predominantly within the town or for the benefit of the town. 

The Newbury Town Environmental Contribution Civic Award 

The Town Council wants to acknowledge the contributions made by individuals and organisations whose volunteering impacts the local environment by helping to reduce CO2 emissions, or to reduce/recycle more waste, or to increase biodiversity. This could be through conservation projects, green initiatives, fundraising, or by awareness raising. The individuals or organisations do not have to be located within Newbury Town, however their contribution or volunteering activities should be predominantly within Newbury Town or for the benefit of the town. 

Nominate for the 2023 Civic Awards here!

(please provide as much information as you can about why we should consider this person/organisation for the Award, and why they are deserving.) These questions may support you in your submission; what is the voluntary role that is carried out? / How long have they been volunteering? / How often do they volunteer? / What or who benefits from what they do? What makes this person stand out from everybody else? / Any further information that may support your nomination.


Newbury Town Civic Awards 2022 

All Nominees & Winners 

Young Persons Civic Award 



Soorya Anbumurasoli 



13 year old Soorya has been recognised for his commitment to cricket, including volunteering locally at Falkland Cricket Club as well as supporting the Newbury Tamil Community. 

Business Civic Award 



Team Kennet – Athletics and Triathlon Club 

Providing children and adults access to exercise, promoting a safe and welcoming environment, following Covid restrictions. 

Valarie Jerome Optometrists 

For providing ongoing eyecare to Newbury’s homeless and vulnerable. 


The Globe Pub 


For providing voluntary organisations free use of their spaces for events, and their ongoing support to put the community at the heart of their business. 

Environmental Contribution Civic Award 



Ceinwen Lally & Judith Cooper 

For organising Newbury Apple Day since it started in 2012, a vibrant event promoting local food and reducing waste. 

Paula Saunderson 

For her work campaigning and raising awareness of the natural habitat surrounding the River Lambourn. 

Ken & Sarah White 

For their work monitoring and protecting Newbury’s breeding Peregrines and putting Newbury on the wildlife map. 

Tony Hammond  


For leading the Growing Newbury Green initiative, helping residents gain access to healthy local food grown organically. 

Newbury Town Civic Award 



Milena Castino 


For bringing more than 1,800 local women together through her online Women in Newbury network. 

West Berkshire Group of ABC to Read Volunteers 

Delivering high quality life-changing literacy support across schools in West Berkshire. 

Nick Bull 

For organizing the yearly Primary School Cross Country competition for the past 20 years. 

Christine Westcombe 

For volunteering up to 4 times a week at Newbury Soup Kitchen, as well as being one of their first aiders, supporting clients who are in crisis. 

Volunteers at The Waterside Centre’s Community Larder 

Providing friendly voluntary service encouraging the public to use the new Community Larder. 

Avril & Richard O’Sullivan 

For their continuous voluntary service at the Community Furniture Project maximizing money for the charity 

Eugene Futcher 

For voluntary service as a Scout Leader, Chairmanship of West Berkshire Ramblers, to Loose Ends, West Berkshire Food Bank and organising the Wash Common Community Festival. 

Sukey Russell-Hayward 


Bringing the community together through the Community Matters Facebook group, CommuniTea events in her garden at leading the Secret Garden project. 


Civic Awards Hall of Fame

Newbury Town Business Civic Award Newbury Town Environmental Contribution Award
2022 The Globe Pub 2022 Tony Hammond
2021 Colline Watts - Colline's Kitchen 2021 Dr Susan Millington
2020 Mathew Groves - Greggs Northbrook st 2020 Marion Fenn
2019 Newbury Weekly News    
2018 Wendy Berkley - Empire Cafe    


Newbury Town Civic Award Newbury Town Young Persons Civic Award
2022 Sukey Russell-Hayward 2022 Soorya Anbumurasoli
2021 Eve Hughes 2021 Ellie Chadwick
2020 Steve & Jan Pye 2020 Jacob Halling
2019 Terry & Maureen Dummett 2019 Lily-May Fisher
2018 Sandra Goodyear 2018 Ellouise Greenall
2017 Katy Hawthorne 2017 Natasha Williams
2016 Rosemary Lister 2016 Ashley Reads
2015 Sylvia Galbraith 2015 Kate Westall
2014 Jane Sutton 2014 Mathew Corbett
2013 Catherine Moody 2013 Amy Boughton
2012 Michael Hutchins 2012 Martin Fisher
2011 Elizabeth Leight MBS 2011 Bethany Coopey
2010 John Austin 2010 Keryn Osterriter
2009 Fiona Walker 2009 Rebecca Hall
2008 Peter Mott    
2007 Les & Ann Summers    
2006 Alison Clarke    
2005 Nora Schneider    
2004 Nick Galbraith MBE    
2003 Charles Cooper    
2002 loraine Fisher    
2001 Jo Dawes    
2000 Ken Pearson    
1999 Martin Danks    
1998 Geoff Smith    


Newbury Town Community Champions 2021
ABC To Read Julie Cobbett
Mai-Britt Gram Jensen Bev Lewis