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On the 12th of July, Newbury Town Council voted to undertake a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) for the Parish of Newbury.

A NDP is a statutory document that holds real weight in determining planning applications. However, unlike other planning documents, NDPs are community driven. Through creating an NDP, the people of Newbury will have the power to formulate and shape the future of their town for years to come.

In order to progress with Newbury’s NDP, we are establishing a Steering Group. This will be a small collection of people, comprised of NTC Councillors and volunteers from the Newbury Community. The people in the Steering Group will be the ones who will carry out consultations with the community, do the evidence gathering, and ultimately write Newbury’s NDP.

Cllr Nigel Foot, Chair of the Town Council’s Planning & Highways Committee said, “To make Newbury’s NDP a success we need your help so if you have experience in Project management, planning, or activism and community engagement, and you also have an interest in making Newbury a town we can all be proud of, please do contact us at NDP@newbury.gov.uk

He continued, “In addition, as some of the policies in Newbury’s NDP will include the protection of our important non-designated heritage assets, taking further steps toward carbon reduction, and helping to increase active opportunities travel around the Parish, if you have a background in Heritage, carbon reduction or renewable energy, and active travel, we would like to hear for you”.


Darius Zarazel, Democratic Service Officer at Newbury Town Council Darius.Zarazel@newbury.gov.uk

Cllr Nigel Foot, Chairperson of the Planning & Highways Committee Nigel.Foot@newbury.gov.uk