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Newbury Town Council was very disappointed when it was found that contractors had recently cut the wildflower meadow planted by the Town Council at The City Recreation Ground. The Council has spent about £2,000 on this project and with the help of many hours of valuable community voluntary input, the Council provided the wildflower meadow which had been developing beautifully over the past two years.

Continental Landscapes have apologised for accidentally cutting the wildflowers and have agreed to pay for the restoration. The Council’s Green Spaces team have received advice from Mr. Paul Barker, the Head Gardener at Highclere Castle, and will immediately implement a plan for the restoration of the wildflower meadow.

The Town Council regrets the damage caused and wish to thank again the volunteers who helped to plant the wildflowers and reiterate their commitment to increasing overall biodiversity in Newbury.  


Hugh Peacocke, CEO Newbury Town Council hugh.peacocke@newbury.gov.uk 01635 35486

James Heasman, Parks & Open Spaces Officer, Newbury Town Council james.heasman@newbury.gov.uk 07775 434475