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On the 6th May this year residents will have the chance to elect a new Parish Councillor for Clay Hill Ward in Newbury. There are some basic criteria that have to be met but most importantly is the passion and commitment to get involved and to help the community of Clay Hill and Newbury.

More information will be published as we get nearer to the elections but the following gives a good overview if you are interested: P and C - Overview - NDS (electoralcommission.org.uk).


The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) has released a video series on councillor stories.

This week we have published a series of videos telling the stories of local (parish and town) councillors across England. The video series hears directly from councillors on why they became councillors and what their role is at their local council. The video series is part of NALC's #MakeAChange campaign, which aims to encourage people from all backgrounds and experiences to put themselves forward for election this year in May. Visit the NALC website to watch the videos.


New #MakeAChange public event to help find undiscovered community heroes.

On 2 March 2021, NALC will host a free public event for people interested in getting involved with their local council. The event will tell you what you need to know about local councils, what they do, the councillor's role, and how to become one. The viral sensation, Jackie Weaver, and a panel of community heroes will be speaking at the event. We encourage county associations and councils to share this event with the broader community to help unearth undiscovered community heroes. Visit the NALC website to find out more about this event and registration information.

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