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Newbury Town Council is pleased to report the outcome of a tree-ring dating survey of the Monument Inn, 57 Northbrook Street, which dates the building reliably to 1675.  The London Monument to the Great Fire of London was erected in the period 1671-77, and it is reasonable to suppose that it gave its name to the Newbury building, which it has borne ever since. 

Tree-ring dating, or dendrochronology, is a highly accurate dating methodology based on the unique pattern of tree-ring growth, which can be compared to dated third-party samples.  Four cores were taken from the oak roof beams of the inn, each covering at least 50 years of growth.  The consultant employed was Dr Andy Moir, of Tree-Ring Services, Micheldean.  The date confirms previous estimates.

The Monument Inn is Grade II listed.  It is of brick construction externally and timber framing inside.  The earliest known reference to it as a pub is dated 1735.  It remains one of Newbury’s more complete old buildings.

The Leader of the Town Council, Cllr Gary Norman, said “We are very pleased at this confirmation of a 17th-century building as part of Newbury’s rich heritage.”

The Town Council is very grateful to the licensee of the Monument Inn for their involvement and to Dr David Peacock for his historical advice.                 

Monument 1855

Monument Inn taken in about


Supplied courtesy of the Newbury Weekly News