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Defibrillators have been installed on the football changing room buildings at both Wash Common Recreation Ground and City Recreation Ground.  

The ‘Public Access’ defibrillators will be available to use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Newbury Town Councillors started looking at suitable locations around Newbury for extra defibrillators in the Parish which could be accessible at any hour.  We already have one at our Tennis Courts in Victoria Park and one at The Wharf Public Toilets, installed last year.

Cllr Martin Colston, Leader of the Council, said, “We felt there was a definite need at our Recreation Grounds for a defibrillator that could be accessed by the public 24 hours a day. These two areas are very popular with regular football matches played each weekend throughout the season and with the new facilities at City Rec it has become even more used by residents for exercise and play”.

He continued, “You do not need any training to use the defibrillators – they are designed for public use. You cannot misuse them as they will deliver a shock to the casualty only if they need it; in other words, the device will not let you shock them unless they need a shock.

The installations are part of an ongoing programme in the Council’s Strategy, as we work to make Newbury a town we can all be proud of.”.



Cllr Martin Colston, Leader of the Council 01635 36591 martin.colston@newbury.gov.uk

Hugh Peacocke, CEO, Newbury Town Council (Hugh.Peacocke@newbury.gov.uk 01635 35486

WC 1 Installed August 2021